Meet RealDrip

The Problem:

REALDRIP is a non-invasive device that monitor the flow of intravenous fluid during IV treatment and notify medical staff in real time. The device monitors the rate at which intravenous fluid is dropping (flow rate) and notify the medical staff on duty in real time for the removal of intravenous needle on time to prevent back flow of blood which may lead to pulmonary embolism if necessary action is not taken on time.


REALDRIP dashboard is a single end point for monitoring patients receiving intravenous treatment in multiple wards in real time. With the dashboard, resident doctors or technical support staff will be able to monitor multiple patients placed on IV treatment across various wards in the hospital, this reduce stress on medical staff in moving from wards to wards, improve productivity of medical staff – the time in moving around can be channeled to another daily routine and help prevent backflow of blood during intravenous infusion treatment.


REALDRIP hardware is a standalone device attached to intravenous infusion stand. The device monitor the flow rate of intravenous fluid non-invasively and send the report to a single end point dashboard in real time.


REALDRIP provides a user friendly web and mobile dashboard to monitor the flow rate of intravenous fluid for a particular patient and provide access point for medical staffs to monitor multiple IV patients in real time simultaneously.


The real time data collated are subjected to business logic to generate patient specific report on intravenous treatment for future treatment and record keeping

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Our Goal

Our mission is to redefine the way medical staffs respond to back flow of blood, by building a seamless and reliable experience to enhance productivity and reduce thrombosis in IV treatment.

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About us

We are a team of passionate hackers, makers and hustlers from Nigeria where we build the tools for the productivity that we need ourselves with the focus to solve African problems with the use of technological advancement tools and to create hope where little exists.

Abdulwaheed Alayande

Product Lead

Taofeek Olalekan

Technical Lead

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